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VK Design is now Bootjack. We have grown into a Branding + Design Studio with a focus on strategy led creative. We look forward to taking this trail with you–let us help guide you and share your story.

James Van Kriedt Principal + Founder

Pelican Inn

Branding, Web Design, Collateral Design

To pay homage to the Muir Beach property modeled after a British countryside pub from the 16thcentury, we worked to capture the inn’s experience and feeling. Striking brand elements, and eventually a custom WordPress site, helped it all come to life.

 A black and white color scheme, along with typography reminiscent of William Caslon’s famous namesake type, evoke the inn’s dedication to this time period in England’s west country. A reimagined logo with new placement throughout the site elevates the web experience and emphasizes its rustic refinement.